Updating the Website

The Google Site and Eventbrite are the two places where content is updated monthly.  Note that https://sites.google.com/site/systhinkon is the address for editing the page, and that http://wiki.st-on-org is an alias address for reading the page (only). Here's some hints on doing the monthly update.

1. Update the previous month's page on the Google Site

If there are any artifacts or blog posts to be added to the past meeting, add them.

2. Update the meetings in the left sidebar navigation on the Google Site

For the future meetings section ...

For the PAST MEETINGS section ...

3. Update the upcoming meeting content on the Google Site

This has usually been a copy-paste-edit activity.  Most of the content can be written, except for the link to the Eventbrite page.

4. Create the registration page on Eventbrite

The easiest way to create a new event is to copy an old one.

5. Update the link to the Eventbrite page on the Google Site

The last detail is to make the Google Site point to the Eventbrite page (since you should already now have the Eventbrite page pointint to the Google Site).

6. Promote the meeting

Now that all of the content is ready, a notification can be sent out to the Google Group, pointing to the new meeting at http://wiki.st-on.org.