October 18 (the third Monday of the month, dodging Canadian Thanksgiving) is the 94th meeting for Systems Thinking Ontario. The registration will be on Eventbrite at https://ee-st.eventbrite.ca.

Ecological Economics and Systems Thinking

For this session, Katie Kish and David Mallery will lead a discussion on Ecological Economics in two parts.

(1) Where is Ecological Economics going with Systems Thinking?

In the "Critical Pluralism" paper (see below), the newest generation of EE scholars is portrayed as taking a regenerative approach to research and learning.  This is best navigated with critical pluralistic approaches well-developed in systems thinking.  The shift might be better supported through a wider set of systems tools, which might also have complementary effects on systems methodologies.

(2) What could a 30-year research agenda for Ecological Economics be?

The "Paying Attention" paper (see below), is one in a special section of "Ecological Economics: The next 30 years".

Katie has been working for the Global Footprint Network, that uses big data to produce the Ecological Footprint Accounts.  Applying this data on individual and group behaviour change raises questions on the role and ethics associated with big data.

The special section of the journal aims to find synergies between existing work and how to evaluate matters that have urgency and importance.  Katie welcomes discussion on any of these papers, and is providing access to a private cache (to those without access to a university library).



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Post-meeting artifacts

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