June 8 (the second Monday of the month) is the 80th meeting for Systems Thinking Ontario. The registration is at https://synthesis-mapping-2020-1.eventbrite.com.

Synthesis Mapping (#1), 2020 Strategic Foresight and Innovation program

Every year Systems Thinking Ontario hosts a series of summer evening events for presentations of synthesis maps (complex systems maps) created in systemic design courses in OCAD University graduate programs.

  • This first evening, June 8, we have three presentations.
  • The second evening, July 12, we're considering to have another three presentations.
  • The third evening, August 10, we're holding if there is more interest

Synthesis maps are rich visualizations that illustrate the real-world complexity of systemic challenges, and typically used to not only “map system problems” but to propose design recommendations for systems change and policies (from health to public policy, from service experiences to social change) from evidence gathered in stakeholder research. Policymakers and organizational stakeholders use synthesis maps for strategic advising, long-term planning, and considering interventions for social and systemic challenges (wicked problems).

While we are still sorting out the final slate of presenters, we have confirmed:

  • "Instagram & Mental Health: An exploration of users trapped by systemic pressures", with Eugene Peng, Caitlin Pannell-Evans, Keith Burt, and Nélia Teixeira.
  • "Going Viral: Fighting pandemics in the age of infodemics", by Buffy Childerhose, Qian Feng, Julia Kowal, and Trisha MacLeod
  • "How do we help people learn to self-manage their cardiovascular risk?", by Olga Hassan, Nita Lakhani, Maryam Mallakin, Kirk Mason, Christopher Rice, Kummy Saliu


  • The link for a Zoom conference will be sent upon registration on Eventbrite.
    • It's really too bad that we can't use the OCADU Visual Analytics Lab to meet in person!

Suggested pre-reading:

What are Synthesis Maps and Gigamaps? at https://slab.ocadu.ca/project/synthesis-maps-gigamaps


Post-meeting artifacts

Bloggers are encouraged to write about their learning and experiences at the meeting. Links will be added to this page.