January 20 (the third Monday of the month, since New Year interrupted our room booking) is the 75th meeting for Systems Thinking Ontario. The registration will be on Eventbrite as https://inferring-systems-thinking.eventbrite.com.

Inferring Systems Thinking

Different people have different opinions of what constitutes systems thinking. Now at the 75th meeting of Systems Thinking Ontario, we have long history of topics that have been covered. We have:

  • read and tried to make sense of (old) foundational (seminal) papers;
  • invited guest experts to share their work and experiences;
  • related impressions of international conferences we've attended;
  • seen student presentations (particularly synthesis maps from the SFI master's program at OCADU);
  • launched new books;
  • and generally welcomed newcomers to join us on our (slow) learning journeys.

What can we infer about systems thinking, from our conversations since 2013? What should we be discussing, going forward?


Suggested pre-reading:

Here's a list of the previous sessions from 2013, with some of the associated references.


Post-meeting artifacts