February 8 (the second Monday of the month) is the 87th meeting for Systems Thinking Ontario. The registration is on Eventbrite at https://creative-systemic.eventbrite.ca.

Creative Systemic Research

There is variety in schools of thought across the systemic design community.  Many approach from a top-down, abstract predisposition of a world that might be.  An alternative approach builds from the bottom-up, in a longitudinal appreciation of the learning in which communities develop resilience.

The Creative Systemic Research Platform (CSRP) Institute leads with the bottom-up, longitudinal perspective.  It aims to nurture localized scholarly communities, distributed across multiple peri-urban regional geographies.  The work of mapping and investigating emerging economies is informed by activities that include creative expression in social complexity that produces communal well-being.  

The CSRP Institute incorporated in late 2020 in an Italian Swiss canton.  The initial practice base is at a farm in Terre d’Ebre, Spain.  These locations provide opportunities to explore practices in smaller communities and terrains, in relation with historic land use and cultural wisdom.

The co-presidents of the CSRP Institute are Susu Nousala and Jelena Sucic.

Susu and Jelena will be joining us in conversation via web conference, at significant time disadvantage.  (At 6pm ET, they will start at midnight in Finland and Switzerland).


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Blog post at "Creative Systemic Research, Susu Nousala + Jelena Sucic (ST-ON 2021-02-08)" at http://coevolving.com/blogs/index.php/archive/creative-systemic-research-susu-nousala-jelena-sucic/