September 19 is the 61st monthly meeting for Systems Thinking Ontario. The registration is on Eventbrite.

Systems Conference Debriefings

Some regular members of Systems Thinking Ontario travelled over the summer to attend annual meetings of major systems organizations, including:

We'll have an informal discussion circle. Conference attendees can share their recollections and impressions. Interested observers can ask questions on facts and opinions of their experiences.


Suggested pre-reading:

  1. ISSS Corvalis, Oregon 2018 web page and ISSS program
  2. ASC 2018 Chicago web page and ASC program
  3. ASC plenary presentation by Timothy F. H. Allen, "Complexity and levels of analysis"
  4. Douglas R. Austrom and Carolyn Ordowich | "Calvin Pava's Legacy: Sociotechnical Systems Design for the "Digital Coal Mines" | 2018 at https://www.researchgate.net/publication/319472658_Calvin_Pava's_Legacy_Sociotechnical_Systems_Design_for_the_Digital_Coal_Mines


Post-meeting artifacts

Bloggers are encouraged to write about their learning and experiences at the meeting. Links will be added to this page.