November 16 is the forty-second meeting for Systems Thinking Ontario. The registration will be on Eventbrite.

Systems Thinking and Design - "Can you Relate?"

The fifth annual Relating Systems Thinking and Design conference (RSD5) was held last month at MaRS and OCADU but it's not too late to join in the discussion about the relationship between Systems thinking and Design. RSD5 brought together nearly 300 leading academics, researchers, industry practitioners and interested others to envision new fusions and promising mash-ups of these two exciting areas of inquiry and practice. Some participants even venture to talk about a new interdisciplinary field on the horizon - uniquely suited to social complexity - under headings such as, “systemic design”.

Peter Jones will share his perspective on the maturation of the field, the emerging systemics models that weave together many of the contributions, and the future directions and impact of systemic design in complex sociotechnical domains, in healthcare, government and public sector areas, and reasons for the curiously continuous theme of “ignoring tech.”  Peter was instrumental in founding RSD and, this year, served as lead chair for event in Toronto.

To prepare for our discussion, please take a look at the keynotes and panel session videos on Vimeo at: https://vimeo.com/user58512945  Further presentations will be online soon, with the proceedings to follow in December.


Suggested pre-reading: 

keynotes and panel session videos on Vimeo at: https://vimeo.com/user58512945

Participants should not feel limited to this suggested pre-reading, but should recognize that other attendees may have not read, or are reading differently, that content.


Post-meeting artifacts

Bloggers are encouraged to write about their learning and experiences at the meeting. Links will be added to this page.