April 18 is the fourth meeting for Systems Thinking Ontario.  Registration is at http://st-on-2013-04-18.eventbrite.com/.

Theme: Systems Thinking and Variety

The focus question for the evening is:  "How do systems deal with variety, in physical systems, biological systems and social systems?"

Suggested pre-reading:

To provide a minimal shared context, a foundational (i.e. really old!) article can be helpful.

As supplements, more applied versions are available by Ashby proponents, in video and written form.

Participants should not feel limited to this suggested pre-reading, but should recognize that other attendees may have not read, or are reading differently, that article.

Agenda, April. 18, 2012

Post-meeting artifacts

Bloggers are encouraged to write about their learning and experiences at the meeting. Links will be added to this page.