October 21 (the third Monday of the month, since the second is a holiday) is the 72st meeting for Systems Thinking Ontario. This is closely following the RSD meeting in Chicago runs October 17-19.  The registration is on Eventbrite at https://debriefing-rsd8.eventbrite.com.

Debriefing:  RSD8  Relating Systems Thinking and Design, Systems Change + Design for Governance

We're welcoming participants fresh from the RSD meeting in Chicago to come and give us first-hand impressions about plenaries, workshops, and presentations.

The theme for this year's meeting is Systems Change + Design for Governance.  Here's the abstract.

Proceedings from prior RSD meetings have been published as open access at https://systemic-design.net/rsd-symposia/


Suggested pre-reading: 

The Relating Systems Thinking and Design Symposium is being held for the first time in the United States, at the IIT Institute for Design in Chicago, IL, October 17-19.


Post-meeting artifacts

Bloggers are encouraged to write about their learning and experiences at the meeting. Links will be added to this page.