March 18 (the third Monday of the month, easing the start of Ramadan) is the 119th meeting for Systems Thinking Ontario. Preregistration is on Zoom, and a link will be sent to your email inbox.  This event also appears at https://music-city-making.eventbrite.ca .

What Can Systems Thinkers Learn From Music City-making

Music and urbanization. Two aspects of life that together form the concept of a “music city”. Music cities have typically been framed as vehicles for economic development. But what else do music cities provide? What can systems thinkers learn from the the dynamics of music cities? After all, our mode of interacting with music has changed from its availability, to the format it comes in, and to the role it plays in our lives.

In this discussion we’ll host Adam Hogan and Ziyan Hossein for a discussion on music city-making. Both discussants have experience in contributing to our understanding of music cities. We’ll discuss the many frames to understand music cities and their multifaceted value, as well as first-hand experience in researching and developing music city programs.


Adam Hogan is a human-centered designer who works in Employee Experience for a national not-for-profit. In his free time, he is an aspiring city maker who is passionate about music, cities, and music cities. He completed his MDes in Strategic Foresight and Innovation at OCAD University, where his Major Research Project focused on the importance of place and creative practice in building socio-cultural connections that foster a sense of belonging and enhance social infrastructure, particularly through the use of free music in public space (as this relates to music cities). Beyond this, you can usually find Adam enjoying live music around Ottawa, planning live music events with Folkus Almonte, or digging around record stores.


Ziyan Hossain is an artist, designer and foresight practitioner who contributes his solutions across a multitude of industries and sectors. He is a co-founder of design consultancy Method Collective and the Space for Grief initiative, where his efforts focus on empathetic product and service design with a global impact.

His journey in music, as an endorsed artist with Strandberg Guitars and through collaborations with a number of notable artists internationally has spanned genres ranging from film score and hip hop to doom metal. With a beginning in music community organization in Dhaka and extending to technology showcases at NAMM in Los Angeles and curating for the Reel Asian Film Festival in Toronto, Ziyan’s two decades in the arts reflect a deep-seated passion for creative expression and community engagement.

In addition, Ziyan has served in a variety of roles such as Head of Service Management for the Federal Courts of Canada Administration Service. His work includes design updates for Toronto City Hall and a systems inquiry for Curling Canada, as well as work on tangible products, including designing pedals factory presets for Eventide Audio’s award winning H9 and H90 pedals.



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