September 21 is the fortieth meeting for Systems Thinking Ontario. The registration will be on Eventbrite.

Systems Thinking Ontario sessions are open, free and interactive

Re-thinking Systems Thinking for the Hypercomplex Society

We strive to achieve our aspirations, to find meaning, to make a positive difference in the world. In doing so, it is important that other people can make sense of our intentions - our passions and our goals.  However, while ours is an increasingly interconnected and interdependent society, it is also a society of increasingly narrow disciplinary specializations and diverging languages of discourse.  Communication roadblocks seem to proliferate despite remarkable advances of information and communications technologies. Why does the confusion expand as we keep talking past each other more and more, with each passing year? What is happening in our Society?

Are new perspectives and concepts required to sustain constructive discourse toward more adaptive and resilient forms of shared identity? Does Systems Thinking need to re-think itself to sustain useful insights into society and to bridge communications gaps hindering our progress on social challenges?

Join us on September 21st at the Lambert Lounge (first floor of OCADU on McCaul St.) to share experiences of societal change unfolding and to inquire into how hypercomplexity entirely reshapes our collective worldview. Together, we will investigate (and put to the test) the extraordinary insights of systems thinkers like Niklas Luhmann and Lars Qvortrup who stand to deepen our understanding of a society evolving toward a new polycentric order.

This session promises to be fun as well as liberating!

Contact session leader Don Officer by email: don@theintentioncoach.com, or telephone: 416-402-0344 for more information.


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