August 12 (the second Monday of the month) is the 124th meeting for Systems Thinking Ontario. The registration on Eventbrite will be posted soon.

Synthesis Map Showcase (session 3 of 3)

As part of a Systems Thinking Ontario tradition, we will be hosting students from OCADU's Strategic Foresight & Innovation (SFI) program to share recently-completed synthesis maps. These sessions will be in-person (venue details below) for the June, July, and August sessions.

Map #1: tbd (2023)

Map #2: Why is menstrual care neglected, and how does this impact Canadians seeking care? (2024)

Aliya Ahmed-Mohamoud, Sara Blanke, Maria Luisa Cascelli

Monthly, menstruation impacts 1.8 billion people worldwide. At any given point, each day, 26% of the global population is menstruating. However, menstrual care still remains heavily influenced by stigma and taboo. In Canada, 61% of menstruators experience menstrual pain, yet only 25% feel comfortable openly discussing  their period with others. 

For some, this pain is so severe that it affects their mental health, ability to work, to go to school and their social and family relationships. Choosing to seek medical assistance is the first step in their menstrual journey, but they face multiple barriers navigating within and outside the medical system.

So, what gets in the way of someone looking for menstrual care in Canada? Our synthesis map explores the complex factors that lead to or reinforce menstrual neglect in Canada.

Map #3: The Tale of Two Cities: Building Bridges (2023)

Jennifer Murphy, Cheryl Green, Rose Bianchin

How might we bridge the disconnection between the undergraduate student experience and the rapid changes of industry in order to foster students' abilities to navigate complexity? On the horizon between the slow and steady city of Undergraduate Education and the rapidly changing city of Industry, a growing divide of disconnection must be bridged. While universities prioritize research and academic achievement, employers prioritize practical skills and job readiness. This mismatch between what students are taught in the classroom and the job readiness needed by employers is a complex challenge that Canada needs to address urgently.


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