November 15th is the 52nd meeting of Systems Thinking Ontario. Please RSVP at Eventbrite.
Relating Systems Thinking & Design

RSD6 Conference recap and discussion at Systems Thinking Ontario
Attended RSD6 in Oslo this year? Then, come out and tell us about your experience!
Didn't attend RSD6? Then join us to discuss the latest thinking at the intersection of Systems Thinking & Design.

Peter Jones, will share his observations and experiences from the recent RSD6 Conference, held on October 18-20,
at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design in Oslo, Norway; where, this year's theme was:
Environment, Economy, Democracy: Flourishing Together,
exploring the opportunities for systemic design in: democratic participation and policy innovation, strongly sustainable business innovation, flourishing communities, design of architectures, settlements and built environments.
RSD6 is engaging many complementary themes and speakers on critical human system issues connecting to flourishing and democracy, including:

  • Social impact in flourishing and change programs
  • Health and population wellness
  • Ecological design and bioregion development
  • Human-scaled and regional economies
  • Sociotechnical and technological systems
  • Other themes relating systems thinking and design

Join us in an open discussion. Newcomers always welcomed.

In preparation, please review the following notes:



Time Activity Role(s)
6:30 Self-introductions (15 seconds each)
  • Introduce yourself and briefly tell us about interests, experiences or affiliations related to systems thinking.
  • How did learn about this Systems Thinking Ontario session?
6:50 Peter Jones provides an overview of the recent RSD6 conference
Followed by open discussion, expanding on the conference topics - with emphasis on the content and themes highlighted in the suggested readings - for example; reflecting on the concepts distinguishing "systems thinking" and "design", new challenges and implications of "systemic design", where and how systemic design is being applied today, opportunities for expanding the applications and efficacy of systemic design, etc.

Peter Jones
8:30 Adjourn - Optionally, join other attendees to continue discussion over dinner and/or drinks at a nearby restaurant
(ideally, one that's quiet, reasonably priced and spacious enough for our continued conversations).

Post-meeting artifacts: