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March 21 is the third meeting for Systems Thinking Ontario.  This time, the location is NOT at OCAD, but at the Lash Miller Building LM123 at 80 St. George Street, U. of Toronto.  Registration at http://st-on-2013-03-21.eventbrite.com/

Theme: Systems Thinking and the Learning Aesthetic

The focus question for the evening is:  "When can learning about system thinking be fun (and when can't it be)?"

Suggested pre-reading:

To provide a minimal shared context, some foundational articles can be helpful.

Participants should not feel limited to this suggested pre-reading, but should recognize that other attendees may have not read, or are reading differently, that article.

Agenda, March. 21, 2012

Time Activity Role(s)
6:15 Self-introductions (15 seconds each)
  • Who am I?
  • Which affiliations do I have that might be relevant to systems thinking?
  • How did I come to systems thinking?
6:30 Gaming breakouts
  • Some games from the Systems Thinking Playbook
Led by Steve Easterbrook
7:20 Discussion breakouts
  • Identify a reporter who will summarize the group findings
  • Respond to the question:  When can learning about system thinking be fun (and when can't it be)?"
Parallel breakout groups of 8 to 10 people
7:35 Reports on discussion One designated reporter for each group
7:55 Double loop learning: Revisions in meeting format? Suggestions welcomed
8:00 Adjourn
  • Walk to Baldwin Street (north on McCaul Street, 0.5 km, Hana Korea, reservation under David Ing's name)
  • Continue discussion over dinner and/or drinks.
No host

Post-meeting artifacts

Bloogers are encouraged to write about their learning and experiences at the meeting. Links will be added to this page.