January 18th the forty-third meeting for Systems Thinking Ontario. The registration will be on Eventbrite.

Inquiring Together into Systems Thinking Ontario

The January session of Systems Thinking Ontario invites collaborative inquiry into its purpose and plans in an effort to attune session formats, subject matter and schedules to the interests of participants. We have framed this discussion with the heading “sweeping in process” in reference to the ideas of Edgar A. Singer as subsequently popularized by C. West Churchman and others. We hope that by so framing our first session of 2017, we’ll have an opportunity to learn and apply Singer’s pioneering contributions to Systems Thinking while we work together to elevate the level of participation, enrich the content and expand the format of our monthly meetings.

Please bring your own experience, perspectives, knowledge and expertise to help expand the possibilities for making the most of Systems Thinking Ontario in 2017!

In preparation, please review the following notes:

Overview of 2016 Systems Thinking Ontario sessions

Background on Edgar A. Singer who inspired the Inquiring Systems developed by C. West Churchman



Time Activity Role(s)
6:30 Self-introductions (15 seconds each)
  • Who am I?
  • Which affiliations do I have that might be relevant to systems thinking?
  • How did I come to systems thinking?
Convenor:  TBD
6:50 Discussion (expanding on the presentation and/or preparatory readings as an entry point)
  • Elaboration on Inquiring Systems - principles, motivations, applications, results and impact, contemporary usage
  • Orientation of an Inquiring System to the purposes of Systems Thinking Ontario's purposes and plans
  • Dialog on the possibilities for Systems Thinking Ontario in 2017E
    • Expanding our individual and collective perspective on the matter
    • Identifying subject-matter and topical issues for further investigation and learning
    • Inviting people who wish to present on a given topic and engage the group in relevant discussion
Presenter: David Ing
7:45 Double loop learning: Revisions in meeting format? Suggestions welcomed
8:30 Adjourn
  • Walk to Baldwin Street (north on McCaul Street, 0.5 km, (the pattern has been for Hana Korea, which is quiet enough to talk)
  • Continue discussion over dinner and/or drinks.
No host

Post-meeting artifacts:

Meeting Notes: ST-ON_MeetingNotes_January2017.pdf

Bloggers are encouraged to write about their learning and experiences at the meeting. Links will be added to this page.